Friday, July 31, 2015

Every Significant Trade from the Brian Cashman Era

It is the day many Yankees fans have been waiting for, July 31, 2015. The day that the non-waiver trading deadline comes and goes and we as a fan base either praise Yankees GM Brian Cashman or call for his head. With Cashman’s checklist dwindling down to nothing after missing out on Johnny Cueto, Cole Hamels, David Price and others already off the board and Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova both possibly hurting the screams for Cashman’s head are growing louder and louder. Are they justified? See for yourself:

§  March 212001 traded Wily Mo Pena to the Cincinnati Reds for Drew Henson and Michael Coleman

§  December 72001 traded David Justice to the New York Mets for Robin Ventura

§  July 12002 traded Scott Wiggins to the Toronto Blue Jays for Raul Mondesi

§  July 52002 in a 3 team trade sent Ted LillyJason Arnold and John-Ford Griffin to the Oakland Athletics for Jeff Weaver from the Detroit Tigers

§  June 62003 traded Marcus Thames to the Detroit Tigers for Ruben Sierra

§  August 62003 traded Armando Benitez to the Seattle Mariners for Jeff Nelson

§  May 152004 traded Brian Myrow to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Tanyon Sturtze

§  December 32004 traded Felix Heredia to the New York Mets for Mike Stanton

§  July 22005 traded Paul Quantrill to the San Diego Padres for Darrell May and Tim Redding

§  July 282005 traded Ramon Ramirez and Eduardo Sierra to the Colorado Rockies for Shawn Chacon

§  August 272005 traded Justin Berg to the Chicago Cubs for Matt Lawton

§  November 162005 traded Ben Julianel to the Florida Marlins for Ron Villone

§  December 82005 traded Tony Womack to the Cincinnati Reds for Benjamin Himes and Kevin Howard

§  July 262006 traded Hector Made to the Philadelphia Phillies for Sal Fasano

§  July 312006 traded Shawn Chacon to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Craig Wilson

§  July 302008 traded Kyle Farnsworth to the Detroit Tigers for Ivan Rodriguez

§  July 302008 traded LaTroy Hawkins to the Houston Astros for Matt Cusick

§  February 42009 traded Chase Wright to the Milwaukee Brewers for Eric Fryer

§  May 162009 traded Eric Hacker to PIT N for Romulo Sanchez

§  June 302009 traded Casey Erickson and Eric Fryer to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Eric Hinske

§  July 312009 traded Chase Weems to the Cincinnati Reds for Jerry Hairston

§  January 262010 traded Mitch Hilligoss to the Texas Rangers for Greg Golson

§  July 312010 traded Mark Melancon and Jimmy Paredes to the Houston Astros for Lance Berkman

§  July 312010 traded Matt Cusick and Andrew Shive to the Cleveland Indians for Kerry Wood

§  July 312012 traded Chad Qualls to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Casey McGehee

§  July 262013 traded Corey Black to the Chicago Cubs for Alfonso Soriano

§  July 312014 traded Kelly Johnson to the Boston Red Sox for Stephen Drew

Oh and Cashman acquired Dustin Ackley from the Seattle Mariners yesterday, not exactly notable though. 

As you can see with any GM who has been with the team since the 1998 season you will have some trades you won and some trades that you lost. Some are significant losses and some are significant wins but overall I don’t think Cashman has been terrible. When you consider what Cashman worked under and who Cashman worked under for most of those seasons you could understand a few knee jerk reactions and such and overall he’s been okay. I’m not anointing him GM of the Century by any means and I’m not exactly planning a Brian Cashman Day in Monument Park but I’m not punching the guy in the face if I see him out on the street either….. 


  1. Excellent article Burch I enjoyed it

  2. Totally not the response i expected to get out of you with this post, lol. Thanks Hans

  3. Still hate Cahman and Hal. I'm not naive to think Hal didn't agree to take money on as well. Both are a detriment to the yanks. I'm just not a person that believes Cashman is good. So Toronto gave up all A prospects for there three major trades? I don't think so. The Yanks have four decent prospects and guys on here think the farm is top flight. Sorry boys it's better but still not top flight. When and if there is a collapse who pats the price? It's got to be the elf for standing pat...oh wait he picked up. 216 hitting utility player to possibly replace a 170 player. Great move elf

  4. Ken from your point of thinking you are right for hating Cashman, but he can only do what they let him do...follow the money. It is much cheaper to bring up the kids than pay an ACE $25+/-mil. a year! Hal could care less about winning, or I should say he would like to win but not hurt the bottom line. I honestly think he thinks they can be winners in a year or two without going for the high-end players.
    So we have gone a few years without making the playoffs...I have seen it much worse than that and I have seen it much better than the five WS wins you guys have seen.
    The only way to get back to the 8 WS wins out of 10 is to bring up the kids and let them play and build around them as we get out of those big wasted contracts we have dragging us down. Unless we have an owner that will DFA players (with contracts) and replace them with better and younger players we have to go this way.
    Don't forget all those International Players we signed. There are a few good ones in that bunch, guys that are going to have an impact on our farm system for next year or maybe longer.

    I hope I am not being too optimistic but then again that seems to be the only thing we have going isn't it?


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