Saturday, August 29, 2015

Discussing a Potential 2016 Contract for Chris Young

In separate posts we have already discussed potential contracts for the 2016 season for both Stephen Drew, who got a “yay,” and Chris Capuano, who got a “nay,” and this evening we will discuss the potential future of Yankees fourth outfielder Chris Young. Young was signed in September of 2014 after having a horrendous season with the New York Mets and came across town to the Bronx with his big bat and glove in hand. Young did nothing but have clutch hit after clutch hit and walk off heroics in his month with the team earning him another contract for the 2015 season. Has he done enough and will he be fortunate enough to do the same in 2016?

If you would have asked me a month ago I would have said absolutely without blinking an eye but right now I’m not so sure. Young is the only true right handed outfielder the Yankees have since Carlos Beltran switch hits and both Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner bat left-handed which is a fact that is hard to ignore. That’s hard to ignore much like his ability to come in as a defensive replacement in right field, as a pinch runner late in games or his ability to hit home runs off the bench when all the spotlights are on him. What’s also hard to ignore is the imposing figure standing in the shadows patiently waiting his turn in Triple-A, Mr. Aaron Judge.

Sure, Judge has looked overmatched a bit since moving up to Triple-A leaving many to believe that he isn’t ready but that’s not what I took from it all. Judge may be scuffling a little but he also battled a back injury in Scranton that has coincidentally, or not coincidentally whatsoever, flared up right around the time his stat line went down steadily. A full offseason mixed in with a full spring training could do wonders for Judge, so could a trip to the Arizona Fall League, leaving him ready to make a difference on the ball club and in the lineup in 2016.

If the Greg Bird situation has taught me one thing it’s that the Yankees can mix and match and move players in and out of a lineup to keep everyone fresh almost as well as anyone around the league. With two center fielders on the team in Ellsbury and Gardner the Yankees could easily move Judge in and out of the right field, left field and DH position next season getting him enough at bats to justify his development while keeping the legs of Gardner, Ellsbury and Beltran fresh and healthy for the entire season.

If the Yankees allow Judge to be the next Bird and allow him to lead the charge of the next wave of Yankees prospects then I think the team has to wave goodbye to Mr. Young. If the team thinks Judge needs a full season, or at least another half season, in Scranton then I guess a new deal for Young wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world as long as the AAV was kept relatively low. New York could always designate Young for assignment in June or July and bring up the Judge I guess. 


  1. The elf won't bring Judge or Refsnyder up this year or next. I don't want Young.

    1. .293 ERA in his last twelve starts ! Very Ace like.

      When he pitches, he almost always wins !
      14 wins as of today, and it should be 17 !
      Sometimes its not pretty, so what ! Even Jesus messed up at times !
      Smoke on the water, smoke from a revolver.

      No, its not Sandy Koufax, or Shane Greene !
      No, he did not fall out of the upper deck, at Turner Field ! ( what an idiot )

      Its the 'Revolver'....Nathan Eovaldi. The new straw, that stirs the drink !

      Blather. Acting like girls / cry babies...from Hans / Levin, is not required.

    2. "It was only five innings Pattyville"

      - Hans

    3. That's all it usually is Burch. He only got 20 runs for the 5 he gave up in five innings. The water pistol.

    4. DUH ?...need a ride to Creedmoor Pscyh. Center ?

      He is 14-2. Should be 17-2.....5 innings, 6 innings, who cares ?....14-2.

  2. He should be more like 8-9 and yes you do need a ride to Creedmoor. He showed his true colors yesterday which is a 5 inning high pitch count, give up a lot of hits pitcher who is a number 5. Dude I thought you were smarter then that????


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