Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Check In: Jorge Mateo

The New York Yankees minor league affiliates will see their season’s end here in just about two weeks meaning many of the Baby Bombers have just a few weeks left to leave an impression on their clubs. That list includes the Yankees best shortstop prospect Jorge Mateo who has a very outside shot at stealing over 100 bases in one minor league season after eclipsing the 80 stolen base plateau earlier in the week.

With the August revocable trade waivers deadline ready to expire in a couple of days Mateo has to be holding his breathe a little. After being dangled at the last minute to San Diego for Craig Kimbrel and Jedd Gyorko as a player you always have to worry about the team revisiting the deal later on before the deadline. I can’t see it happening though, the Padres seem content with standing pat and Brian Cashman seems content with watching his young 20-year old shortstop flourish and blossom inside the Yankees system.

Just as a side note, do you think the Yankees would or could eventually move Mateo, Tyler Wade, Abi Avelino or Kyle Holder to second base since the team is now so stacked at the position? May be something to think about. 



  1. I know Mateo is nowhere near ready, but I think he should be moved to the 40 man and brought up in September. If he's added before the end of August, he's eligible for the postseason. I think playoff teams need a guy on the bench that can steal a base pretty much at will. We don't have that right now, and Mateo is the fastest guy in our system.

    1. Mateo injured his leg last night. They haven't said what the injury was or how severe it is but he's likely being shut down just to be sure.

    2. That sucks. So much for that idea. Probably wouldn't have happened anyway.


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