Monday, November 30, 2015

Everyone Likes A Good Trade

The first pot has boiled on the hot stove with Jordan Zimmermann reportedly signing with the Detroit Tigers. With the Winter Meetings starting December 6th, other signings and trades are bound to take place soon. I played GM and examined the Yankees Major League and Minor League rosters for players that I think could be traded during the offseason. Not included on this list are the big three prospects of Luis Severino, Greg Bird and Aaron Judge. I have not included them because I consider the chances of them being traded extremely slight. Let's get started.

  1. Andrew Miller He is coming off a season in which he won the Mariano Rivera AL Reliever of the Year Award. He has three years left on his contract at a salary below that of the going market rate for closers.
  2. Brett Gardner - The Yankees have already discussed trading him with multiple teams. As detailed in my previous post he could be traded because of age, contract duration and salary.
  3. Ivan Nova - He is a proven back-end to mid-rotation starter who would be appealing to teams that are looking to upgrade their pitching staff but aren't in the market for an ace.
  4. Jorge Mateo - One of the Yankees top prospects they already have shown a willingness to deal him. He is young and could make an impact soon. Scouting reports indicate that he could stick at shortstop or make the seamless transition to second base in the future.
  5. Gary Sanchez - His Arizona Fall League performance opened up some eyes, and he had a solid rebound season in the minors. Currently, he is number two on the catching depth chart after the John Ryan Murphy - Aaron Hicks trade but he would make an intriguing trade piece.
  6. Rob Refsnyder - His late season audition was short but successful. His success in September put himself in a position to start the 2016 season on a Major League roster. Middle infielders who can hit are hard to come by which could make him a nice trade piece as part of a bigger deal.
  7. Ian Clarkin - He missed the 2015 season due to a mysterious elbow injury but he is 21, and scouting reports peg him as having the upside of the number two starter with two plus pitches including a fastball and 12-6 changeup. He might not be the centerpiece of a trade but would make an excellent complimentary piece in a larger trade.
  8. Eric Jagielo - Still one of the Yankees top prospects despite some setbacks he'll be appealing to teams looking to buy low on a third baseman or first baseman.
  9. Bryan Mitchell - He'll be 25 during the 2016 season and has great velocity. His command needs improvement, but a team looking for young pitching with high upside could target him.
  10. Jacoby Ellsbury - He has been productive when healthy, and the Yankees would likely kick in some money to get out of the contract so teams in need of centerfield help would at least check in.

Now that I've put together my list of tradeable assets I pose the question to you, who is on your list of players that Yankees could be traded during the offseason?


  1. WELCOME....Eliot Podgorsky, to Greedy Pinstripes. I am not mgmt, just a greeter at the
    door tonight. Again, welcome. we will all do our best to make you feel at home here.
    If you posted before, and I missed you, I apologize.

    Enjoyed your above post. Especially trying to move Gardner, and Ellsbury. What great strides
    this team could make if those two were moved.

    So far, I think the Aaron Hicks trade was the steal of the off season. Gardner, and Ellsbury can
    never again, perform in the outfield as Hicks does.
    Mr. Podgorsky, come back again soon....and mix it up with this talented bunch.

    1. Thank you for the greeting. I'm a big fan of the Hicks trade as well, as much as I loved Murphy. Getting rid of Ellsbury is a long shot but who knows.

  2. IN MY HEART...I feel that one of the off season targets, will be a young, hard throwing pitcher.

    He will come in a trade, with several Yankee prospects involved.
    That is my gut call, but you know what ? As hard as I go looking for it...there is nothing.

    And I try very hard, every night. Coast to Coast. Why ? Because I feel it.
    No, not an ace...but an anchor pitcher. CC was an anchor, but he is gone/done.
    By the way...if they want to move Nova, include Pinada in that mix. Do you think he is
    ever going to improve ? I don't.

  3. Only three on that list I would have to object to...Mateo, Gary Sanchez and Bryan Mitchell.
    Mateo...young with outstanding tools...better suited to 2nd base.
    Gary ...good righthanded power, strong arm and much improved in the last two years.
    Bryan...good fastball and stuff, after the hit to his face, he took a step backwards, a rebound is coming up this year. As you said, he has a high upside.

    1. Would you object to them being trade assets or that the Yankees should consider dealing them?

    2. I also welcome you to this great site Eliot and on your stellar article.

      I object to them being trade assets, but that's me...good talent is hard to come by. Although Bryan could be on his last shot, so if he is a chip, so be it!
      By the way, Bryan was the one that was hit in the face wasn't he? I am bad with names. LOL

    3. Sorry for the delay in response, I have to get better at regularly checking comments. Mitchell was the one who was hit in the face. I'm not advocating trading any of these players especially Mateo and Sanchez but as you pointed out they are talented at that is what would make them appealing.

    4. Thanks Elliot, I have a bad recall with big problem!

  4. Eliot,

    Great second post, thank you for sharing. You had me drawn in until you suggest we trade Gary Sanchez. Of course in the right deal you send anyone and everyone away but in my opinion the team has to be blown away to trade him.

    Unfortunately Ellsbury and Clarkin have little to no trade value right now. Clarkin threw what, 20 IP, this season? They are tradeable but only if the team is giving them away essentially.

    The rest of the list I'm indifferent about. I'd prefer to hold onto Miller but, again, in the right deal I am more than willing to drive him to the airport myself.


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