Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Randy Levine & Donald Trump

Randy Levine and Donald Trump, what a combo. Very rarely do we mix politics and sports here on the blog, they usually don’t mix well, but today we will because someone in the Yankees front office is talking about it. Randy Levine, the President of the New York Yankees, is accusing GOP party insiders of “foul” play as they attempt to keep Trump from winning the presidential nomination. Dirty play in politics, say it ain’t so. Randy Levine complaining, say it ain’t so.

I’m not a big fan of Levine’s, you guys reading this probably already know that, but I am a fan of Trump. I don’t necessarily agree with or even like a lot of the things that Trump says for a plethora of reasons but there is one thing I like about Trump, he tells it like it is. He is not a politician and I truly believe that he will not be bought out if he wins the election. I think this country needs some radical change and I think the country needs someone who isn’t a politician, whether that be Bernie Sanders or Trump (or my original favorite Dr. Ben Carson). No president is going to get everything they promise to get done accomplished and a president with these radical ideas likely won’t get far but it will set the precedence and the tone for years to come. I’m thinking long term picture here but anyway I’m getting away from the point, here is the quote from Levine on the GOP and Trump:
"If a candidate garners the greatest number of votes, he or she should get the majority of delegates. That's the way elections are supposed to work," Levine wrote. "You win or lose on the field or at the ballot box. It is OK to play as a spoiler, as many teams do to affect the final standings, but if that is your goal you should acknowledge it."

This is going to go down to the wire, Game 162 if you will, and it’s going to get dirty. Watch it as it all unfolds because this is going to be one of the biggest elections of our lifetime’s folks. Oh and Randy Levine, shhhhhhhh. And everyone reading, please be nice in the comments section and on Twitter (@GreedyStripes) as my intention was not to incite a riot here. This post will likely decide whether more posts like it come on the blog. 

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