Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yankees Rotation, You’re Killing Me Smalls

To borrow a now famous line from a now famous movie, The Sandlot, “you’re killing me Smalls!” In case you’ve lived under a rock for the past 20-or-so years Smalls was one of the main characters in the movie and a new member to the group of kids who played baseball in their sandlot. Smalls didn’t know much about the game but he knew he wanted to be accepted, remember he thought Babe Ruth was a female and not that big of a deal, and this frustrated the other boys. This quickly caught on and whenever someone was making something you deemed simple more trouble than it was worth you always threw out a “you’re killing me Smalls” as a joke and for emphasis. Well you know what? The Yankees starting rotation, you’re killing me Smalls!

Sure there have been encouraging moments this season to speak of and I am the last one to conveniently mis-remember them. Luis Severino has looked much better than his 0-2 start would suggest and it’s okay if he hasn’t because he’s only set to make his 14th career MLB start tomorrow in the series finale with Oakland. Masahiro Tanaka had the best start of the season for the Yankees staff on Sunday out-dueling former teammate Hisashi Iwakuma and Michael Pineda has seen starts where his control has been impeccable walking none. The good is far being out shadowed by the bad though right now and that needs to change.

Heading into yesterday’s series opener the Yankees ranked dead last, or more commonly known as 15th place, in the American League in innings pitched out of their starting rotation after the starters had thrown just 61.2 innings pitched. That looks more impressive after Tanaka’s seven inning performance on Sunday and it made the average start last 5.2 innings for the team and the team starting ERA drop to 5.25, also the worst in the American League.

There is some encouraging news though for the Bombers. Severino is not going to give up twice as many hits as he has innings pitched for the entire season like he has thus far and I can’t see Nathan Eovaldi allowing a home run every three innings pitched like he has thus far this year. Bryan Mitchell should be back eventually and Ivan Nova can always slide into the rotation if need be at some point this season. Tanaka should be better and Michael Pineda should be a hell of a lot better. The Yankees staff will be better, until then though they are killing me. Smalls. 


  1. I will say it again and Reed will say I'm throwing in the towel gain. This team is poorly constructed and some of it is Cashman and some of it is Hal. This pitching staff headed into the season with more question marks then Hillary Clinton's political career. Hal has made a mockery of this team with unwillingness to spend money and please people don't preach to me he added salary this off season or that we have one of the highest salaries in baseball because it apparently doesn't affect the Dodgers when they have a need or want. We are supposed to be a big fish in the pond so start acting like it especially with the salaries that were coming off the books after the season. Bite the bullet and eat salaries of those that aren't needed any longer. Start practicing what you preach about your farm system and bring up the kids to play.

    1. Ken H, are you nuts?
      Why would I say such a thing, I believe Daniel and I have been saying the same thing for a couple of years or more.
      Play the kids and fill in a NEED with trades or FA's. Which is what we should have been doing.
      The big thing is, it use to be; "trade anyone for a 34/36 year old Star on the way out"...this time be smarter, trade for younger guys on the way up and talent for talent. No need to overpay for a trade, like history shows we did, time and again!

    2. You're missing the point Reed. Its because I said something that you feel the need to disagree all the time, but when someone else says it...its gospel. Cruz in 2016!!

    3. The reason I disagree with you even when you say the right things is because you add a caveat, which changes parts of your writing.
      The first line; "I will say it again and Reed will say I'm throwing in the towel gain.", was the only thing I disagreed with.
      When you are right I say so!
      When you say you know what I will say in answer to anything you or anyone else will assured I will try and correct your statement. Hell, I never know what I will write until I write whatever I write.

    4. Reed just know what you write isn't always correct. I bust your chops on agreeing with me. As I told Burch and I will say it to you I feel when you guys disagree with me proves that I am correct in my comments. Everything I state is fact. Hal is cheap, the elf is a second rate gm Gardner is good not great the team is poorly constructed and the pitching staff has too many question marks. Please Mr. Reed share with me what comments I just stated are inaccurate?

      By the way I also said Didi was a stupid ball player last year and once again his true colors shine through. Any idiot knows that you aren't forced and no need to run especially when you are down two runs. He like Gardner are terrible baserunners

    5. Sit down folks, I'm agreeing with Hans.

      The team is poorly constructed and it is partially Hal and partially Cashman's fault. Every GM wants to go crazy with an open check book, it's called job security, and every GM wanted David Price, Jordan Zimmermann and others. It was the owners keeping many of the teams out of those races and it was Hal keeping Cashman from upgrading the rotation somewhat.

      I saw somewhat because the Yankees could have Vincent Velasquez right now but honestly, small sample sizes and all, Velasquez's efforts would have been for nothing anyway with this offense.

      Cashman went for McCullers Jr. and he got outbid, it happens I guess.

    6. Burch my heart just skipped a beat lol

    7. Hans...
      I NEVER think I am correct on anything I can't control. But I do know what should happen most of the time in is just like my work, everything is perfect until...the first shot!
      I will never agree with you on Cashman being a second rate GM! I have watched him for 20 years(?) I have seen him fight with the Tampa Cabal and George (a little) when The King wanted someone that was a disaster. When he had all the money to spend he was shot down by his boss (Randy Levine) or told to sign a player he didn't want.
      He has done as well as can be expected with the money he has to work with (very little) by finding players on the junk heap of baseball. If you think that is an easy way to get a player that helps the team, think again.
      The only reason he is still there is because he bleeds Yankee Blue.

      As for Didi being a dumb player I don't think so, I think it was a Brain Lock and nothing more. He has done very well for this team so far and is a damn good SS. The whole team is making mistakes and just playing very badly. They will get over it!
      If we had a better LF he would be playing LF, as we don't have one Brett is the best we have .

    8. Thank you for disagreeing with me Reed I now feel complete

    9. Hans, always happy to leave you with a happy feeling! LOL
      Have a good day Hans!


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