Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekly Check In: Nick Swisher

The New York Yankees went for a bit of veteran depth, a warm body at first base and for some nostalgia last week when they officially signed Nick Swisher to a minor league deal. Swisher came over in a trade from the Chicago White Sox in the winter before the 2009 season and spent four of the best seasons of his career in the Bronx including a World Series championship in 2009 before leaving for greener pastures, greener being more money, in Cleveland before the 2013 season. Swisher has struggled since both in the stat column and in the staying healthy department since leaving New York but he has played his best baseball in the Bronx and if his first game back with the organization is any indicator of things to come, he had a 2-4 night with Scranton, then he may be in the midst of another “Back in the New York Groove” kind of season.

Watch out A Rod, Nick Swisher might be coming:

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