Thursday, May 5, 2016

Derek Jeter Trolls Red Sox Fans & I Love It

Hey, when Derek Jeter talks the New York Yankees universe tends to listen so while this isn’t so much “news” per se it’s still worth mentioning here on the blog. Derek Jeter was recently on the television late night show “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and he had an interesting quote that was directed straight towards Red Sox Nation.

In the interview Jeter was quoted as saying:
“I can say this now that I’m retired, but Boston fans have softened up since you guys have won. And it pains me to say it but I almost … I won’t say it. I’m not happy you won, but you treat me a lot better.”

Yeah Jeter, that’s not going to be the case for very much longer. I hope Hannah Davis is ready for the heckling and such at restaurants, appearances and in general. You stirred the pot Derek and frankly, I love it. Keep them coming and keep on enjoying retirement.

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