Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yankees Send Greg Bird, Others to Arizona Fall League

The New York Yankees have announced who they are sending to the Arizona Fall League this season and boy is the roster exciting. New York announced that they will be sending injured 1B Greg Bird (his shoulder must be fine and will be fine for 2017 as long as he passes this test), 3B Miguel Andujar, SS Tyler Wade, SS Gleyber Torres, RHP Brody Koerner and three roster spots listed as TBA.

It is interesting that Tyler Wade is listed as an outfielder on the roster, three pitchers will be added as the TBA's and one of them is expected to be James Kaprielian assuming his health and Torres is going but not Jorge Mateo.

The Arizona Fall League runs from October 11th through November 17th and once again these Yankees prospects will represent the Scottsdale Scorpions. Joining them will be prospects from the Phillies, Mets, Giants and Angels.


  1. I think Mateo is on Cashmans Sh-t list for a while anyway! Someone thinks very highly of Gleyber Torres! Now we have, Torres, Mateo, and Wilkerman Garcia as the best of the best in our stables anyhow for years to come.
    I hope to see in the next year or so to see (Yes, I changed my mind) DiDi at 3rd, Torres or Garcia at SS/2nd base. Didi moves because of age only, he is 27 by next year. One may ask what about Mateo? Well, if he can play OF as well as he plays SS/2nd Base, or better, why not have him in LF/CF, with his great speed he would be an asset to the team making space for the other three guys which would make the team much better on both sides of the ball.
    There is the option of trading one of those four guys now!

    1. There will def be a trade this winter or next summer, there almost has to be. It's like the Ben Gamel trade this week. There's just too much talent at certain positions and not enough positions and innings to play them all.

      You fill in the gaps, pitching for instance, with these trades... now Bring me Chris Sale!

    2. Chris Sale, lefty but avg. of 20 HR a year with a 2.95 ERA, sounds good at 28 years old next year. He has a Rep of going deep into games and a lefty in Yankee Land is a good thing.
      He hasn't pitched as a winner should with his stuff, could be the team isn't giving him much of a lead to work with.

      I would pass on him, cost will be to high in a trade and will be a FA in 2018.

      Just me...I know, most fans love the guy!

    3. Sale has club options for 2018 and 2019, for $12.5m and $13.5m. Which is an absolutely steal for anybody better than a #3 starter.

    4. Oh, but his 2019 salary could raise to $16m for winning the Cy Young, or $15m for coming in 2nd or 3rd for the Cy.

    5. You do?
      You do know we will be in the minority, don't you?

    6. I do but I don't trust the elf and I believe he will give up way too much

    7. I don't think so Ken, the reason for that is the contracts of Tex, Beltran, A-Rod, CC and Jeter.
      He never wanted A-Rod and when Jeter, CC, Tex and A-Rod got new contracts because they took the opt-out (not Jeter) Cash didn't want the two later and was going to cut Jeters contract before being told by Hal/Hank to give them a contract etc.!
      In other words, IF left in his hands alone, after building up...with all the trades...the farm system I don't see him giving up too much at all.
      Well, in my eyes, any THREE of our top guys is way over the line for sure!
      That makes me a homer, but I like what we have and with more on the way...why trade for a pitcher we could use, but not NEED!


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