Wednesday, August 31, 2016

You Have to Think the Yankees Playoffs Hopes Died in This Series

The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory, you have to think the Yankees playoffs hopes in 2016 kind of died in this series. Don’t you? I mean I don’t want to start the day out with doom and gloom and all that and I am far from giving up on this team this series but it’s no longer getting late pretty early, it’s late and it’s getting later. Winning series is one thing but with so many teams in front of them in both the AL Wild Card chase and the AL East Division race you get to a point where winning series is no longer enough. At some point you have to start sweeping series and sending a message to the other teams in the race and I think that time is now. Like right now.

The Yankees had a great opportunity to send such a message in this series against one of the hottest teams in the American League but the team came out flat on Friday with Michael Pineda on the mound. Losing hurts but losing to one of the teams in front of you head-to-head hurts even more. It’s almost like losing two games, at least that’s how it feels, and with the season officially switching from a marathon to a spring tomorrow the Yankees need to start sweeping almost everyone. In a game where failing seven times out of ten attempts and in a game where losing 62 times a season is considered great and monumental I just can’t see the mathematics of it all working out.

Again, I’m far from giving up on the team and I couldn’t care less about mathematics. I’m just venting because I’m a fan, I’m passionate and I’m just a little discouraged right now is all. A few wins and I’ll be right back, I just wish those wins could have come against this Royals team in the way of a three-game sweep. Win today and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. That’s all you can do.

This is not a dagger in the heart of the Yankees this season, maybe we can use this as a rallying call. Here’s a call to arms. Bring us your young, your youthful, you’re talented that don’t know they are supposed to be nervous and cautious to make a mistake in a pennant race and a playoff chase. Bring us your prospects, your key players and bring us to the Promised Land once again in 2016. Please?

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