Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yankees Also Acquire Eric Young Jr. from Milwaukee

Just minutes after posting that the New York Yankees had traded Ben Gamel to the Seattle Mariners for two teenage pitching arms news broke that Brian Cashman also pulled off a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. The Yankees will send cash considerations to Milwaukee for outfielder Eric Young Jr. Young will presumably get Gamel's now vacated 40 man roster spot and will likely work as the team's pinch running specialist that they love to employ in September.

In a word.... why? Couldn't Gamel steal bases potentially? Ben Gamel stole 19 bases in Triple-A this season and Young stole 23 in Triple-A. It's just cash and the Yankees got two pitching prospects back in return, I still don't get it though. Brian Cashman has made me look bad for doubting him a ton lately so I'm willing to wait and feel this one out.


  1. Gamel's value is as high as it's going to get until at least next season. The Yankees still have more to do to clear roster space to avoid losing Rule 5 eligible players.

    1. Yeah but dropping Gamel from the 40 man only to add Eric Young does what exactly? Nothing.

      And yeah you can get rid of Young in the offseason via trade, DFA or non-tender but you couldn't trade Gamel this winter (assuming health)? Those teenage pitching prospects Seattle gave up going anywhere?

    2. Couldn't agree with you more Burch. The elf did a real good job at the trade deadline and then reverts back to the elf.

    3. All I can think of is that player value tends to go down during the offseason.

  2. Daniel & Hans...Time to go into the whining box. Move along boys.

    patrick loved Gamel. Gamel, the next Gardner ? Who needs that ?
    We already have two Gardners, counting Ellsbury.....We need more?

    You know the blockade in front of Gamel. He had no chance. Be real.
    The young pitchers back ? You know more than me.

    To be elf talking, and we traded away Bobby nonsense.
    You knew this would happen.
    Eric Young ? Enjoy your time in NYC.

    1. Patrick you know I'm not a fan of Gardner that is your boy Levin's main squeeze. I'm just not sure he got a good return for him. Yes he had no where to go, however the Elf had the winter to make a move before the rule 5 draft.

  3. I just read that teams must file their 40-man rosters by November 20th. So Cash could have still waiting for a better offer, but he didn't have that much time to shop Ben.


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