Friday, September 2, 2016

Yoan Moncada & the First Day I Questioned My Yankees Fandom

Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating a little bit as I have never and will never question my Yankees fandom but really today is a day that is going to sting a little bit for a long, long time. Today is the day that the Boston Red Sox call up and insert Yoan Moncada into their team and into their youth movement. The same Yoan Moncada that I clamored so hard for the Yankees to sign only to see another top prospect and top Cuban product go elsewhere. It hurts more especially when it’s the Yankees most hated rivals. Today is the day, the Yoan Moncada era begins today.

Back in February of 2015 the Boston Red Sox signed Moncada to a deal worth $31.5 million, which truth be told ended up costing the team $63 million after a tax penalty on international free agents, and after a slow start to his MLB career Moncada has flourished. At the time of his call up Moncada was in Double-A Portland and was batting .285 with 11 home runs and nine stolen bases in 44 games. Moncada also hit .307 with four home runs and 36 stolen bases in 61 games at Class-A Salem before his call up to Double-A. Now he is going to bring that consistency to Fenway Park.

Moncada is here and just in time to see the Yankees here in a few weeks. I may not even watch those games. I wanted Moncada so bad and the Yankees barely made an effort for him. Sigh. Oh well, good luck to him I guess and congratulations.


  1. Ya, it's tough. But hey, pandas contract and who's the Cuban outfielder they have? Rusney? Kind ofmakes it easier to handle.

  2. Daniel, what's your thoughts on this guy ohtani? I read that he's the best prospect we have seen coming from Japan. He's 21 now, 4 years younger than Tanaka when he started with us.

    I mean, we could go all in, and look to move Tanaka. Whenever he becomes available.

    1. I obviously only know what I've read as I've never seen him myself but everything points to him being the real deal. Tanaka hasn't been a bad experience that has left a bad taste in our mouth and I think the Yankees should, and will, go all in on him. With or without Tanaka. Remember Tanaka can opt out after 2017 and the Yankees need young arms.

      Ohtani, I'm a fan.

    2. I tend to agree with both of you and I too, have not seen him pitch. IF he is what they say he's only money!


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