Friday, April 14, 2017

James Kaprielian Elbow Injury Update

UPDATE: Tommy John surgery it is. Damn. Kaprielian will miss the entire 2017 season.

We reported earlier this week that the New York Yankees top pitching prospect James Kaprielian would be heading to see a doctor regarding elbow discomfort and pain for the second consecutive season and this week Yankees GM Brian Cashman gave us an update. Here is the update on Kaprielian the best I can bring it to you with baited breath.

All signs point to elbow surgery unfortunately which likely means another year of development for Kaprielian will be down the drain. No word yet on what kind of surgery, to the best of my knowledge he has not seen a Tommy John specialist as of the time of this writing but that information isn’t always readily available either, but it’s going to involve his pitching elbow and his elbow flexor so it’s not good news whatsoever regardless of where the surgery is going to occur.

Kaprielian pitched well in the Arizona Fall League last year and pitched well during spring training this season including a two-inning appearance against the Toronto Blue Jays where he struck out three without allowing a run but the elbow has once again started acting up. Kaprielian seemed healthy all winter and spring long so the Yankees organization is clearly puzzled by the reoccurrence so stay tuned to see what’s wrong and what surgery the righty is likely to take. We’ll have it here for you.

Also to the person who emailed me directly and called him “Ty Hensley 2.0” please stop. Just stop. Thanks.

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