Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Game Thread: New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays 5/3

Game time in the Bronx ladies and gentleman as the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays will finish off their three-game set inside Yankee Stadium tonight. In the finale of the set the Yankees will send their veteran southpaw CC Sabathia to the mound looking to secure a victory and turn his recent struggles around while the Blue Jays will counter with Marcus Stroman. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET inside Yankee Stadium and can be seen on the YES Network, ESPN and MLB TV while you can also follow along on the radio with WFAN.

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  1. CC terrible again, he just needs to be cut lose . Taking up space.

  2. The term...Sea applied to Sabathia.

    Sea Anchor (noun)..Is a device used on a boat (Yankees)
    in heavy weather. (Our season).
    The Sea anchor increases the drag through the water (Games),
    and acts as a break.

    Have you seen enough ? Over the last three years ? It is all downhill.
    Jesus can not make this guy, Sabathia, a young man again.
    Cut the sea anchor lose, and move forward. Or, drift away like fools.

  3. turn again?
    After two years of asking to trade Gardner...I now relent.
    While watching the inter action between Gardner, and Judge, I must
    now say that Gardner has become a favorite of mine. Bash brothers !

    What a wonderful world it would be if Ellsbury, and the sea anchor,
    could be sent off somewhere. Any where.
    Please...I don't need to be educated, thank you.

  4. patrick...
    Both of your comments were eloquently done, you sold me (IF I had needed selling)! CC is an easy one but, Ells is owed way too much money to just dump...don't you think?
    The way Hicks has been playing this year he should be playing 5/6 out of 7 days. Which means, one of Ells and Brett must go or be the backup of course, MONEY is the boss so Brett goes even though it should be Ells.
    WE have a plethora of outfielders ready and on the way in no special order; Rutherford, Hicks, Frazier, Mateo, Judge, Fowler, Estevan Florial, Trey Amburgey and Mason Williams so we could trade one/or more of them for something we may need/want down the 3rd baseman, Manny Machado !
    Who knows for sure?

  5. Kenneth.....'eloquently done'?...Is that really you ?

    Maybe Ellsbury can be packaged in a trade with some of those
    young outfielders ? Not Fowler ! He is a keeper.
    The sea anchor is another story.

    Hope this finds you well. Eloquently ?.............patrick.

    1. Sorry bout dat, patrick!
      Must admit, I had to look it up to make it work and it wasn't my first choice! I thought of Cogent or Potent but I knew you would know I looked them up!
      WE would have to pickup much of Ellsburys contract, something Hal won't do!


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