Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Stay Classy Boston. Dammit.

The Boston Red Sox organization as a whole, especially lately and ever since the whole “Evil Empire” salt fest, is one of the better and one of the more classier organizations in all of Major League Baseball. Their fans, on the other hand, not so much at least in my opinion. Call it bias, which I fully admit to, call it some friendly jabbing, because I do respect a lot of people that follow the Red Sox including our friends over at Section 36, or call it a few bad apples ruining the bunch but class was nowhere to be found this week inside Fenway Park. The Baltimore Orioles were in town Monday night when, according to Jones, he was taunted racially by the Fenway faithful.

Jones stated that someone in the crowd threw a bag of peanuts at him on Monday and was reportedly called “the N-word a handful of times.” Jones, a black player, has said he has been heckled before for his race throughout his 12-season tenure with the Orioles but never like he had been on Monday. The Boston Red Sox officials stated that they confirmed the bag of peanuts was thrown at Jones and the fan was immediately ejected from the stadium.

Obviously I wasn’t there and many of us will never truly know what was said but I truly don’t feel like Jones is simply making this up, especially with the bag of peanuts being thrown at him. It’s not like Jones needs the attention or the notoriety and these two teams have become rivals of sorts in the past few weeks resulting in pitches being thrown at player’s heads and slides into second base that resulted in injuries to Dustin Pedroia. I truly believe something was said and it had to be said loud and repeated for Jones to hear and that upsets me.

Here we are in the year 2017 just days after ground broke for the Jackie Robinson Museum in New York and we are still, allegedly and reportedly, dealing with blatant and widespread racism here in our own game? This sickens me, and it would sicken me if it were in New York, Boston, Philadelphia or some small town in North Georgia. It is 2017 people, wake up and stay classy. Rant over. 

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  1. Aye, #1 rule, is screw Boston, screw fenway, screw Tom Brady, the patriots, screw the state of Massachusetts. Only exeption- Go Celtics! and chanting "Let's Go Murphys" on the T to a St. Patty's Day Dropkick Show. Good times.

    In the past week, Manny Machado took a "hard" slide into 2nd, spiking pedroia. Yea, his foot was up and hit him... but machado's initial reaction was to go and catch him, clearly concerned. I mean, immediate reaction.

    Boston--- Bard throws a fastball behind machado's head- a heater with intention of hitting him in the head. Another day, Sale then throws two TWO 98 mph heaters trying again to hit him, going behind his legs.

    So to sum it up:
    1- F boston, let it all burn to the ground.
    2- Machado will look awfully good in pinstripes.


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