Friday, October 5, 2018

ALDS Game One Thread: New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox

And just like that it is game time here in the Bronx between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The American League Division Series officially begins tonight. In the opener of the best-of-five series the Yankees will send JA Happ to the mound to face off with the Red Sox ace, Chris Sale. The game will be played at 7:32 pm ET (only in Boston could see such a weird start time, but okay) and can be seen on TBS. You can also follow along on the radio with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WFAN.

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  1. Way to come out competitive guys. Really amped up for the big stage. Where's Hans!

  2. Yankees first appearance of life in the top 6. Please hold...

    Didi rbi w/ runner out at 2. Didi on first. 2-5

    Andujar up... Please hold. Prediction-hes useless
    Actual - WP.chases ball #4 in dirt because he's a dumbass. Takes bb next.
    Call to BP

    Prediction. Bases clearing single from sanchez.

  3. Bases loaded no outs. Stanton. Yankee moment. Let's go.

    Reality. 0-2, pitch and.... Strike out like the clown he is

  4. Apparently judge and voit are the only ones that decided to play today. Stanton and sanchez should be embarrassed.

  5. Top 9. 1 out. Stanton up... 4-5.
    Prediction. A K.
    And... Strikes out looking. Go back to Miami and rot in the bottom of the nl east where you belong.

    Voit. Prediction. Single.
    Reality. K. Game done.

    That score was much closer than the game really was. That game was pathetic. I've been thinking long and hard, get rid of Stanton and sign Machado.

    Although Stanton has higher wrc+, I'd take the lower wrc+ with 100k in Machado vs this pathetic deadbeat's 200+k, with andujar at DH.

    Great pitching outside of that disgusting ja happ start, who should never touch the ball again.


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