Thursday, November 7, 2013

All Time New York Yankees Team - The Bench

 Jorge Posada
 Willie Randolph
 Don Mattingly
 Phil Rizzuto
 Bill Dickey

Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto was easily the best Yankees short stop of all time before Derek Jeter came along so I decided that he had to be on the list.

Don Mattingly won the 1985 MVP Award and was the Yankees captain. While Don never won a World Series and only had one post season appearance in this career in 1995, a wild card series loss to the Seattle Mariners, Don made watching Yankees baseball bearable in the 80's and is one of the greatest Yankees of all time, mustache and all.

Willie Randolph? Really? Over Robinson Cano, Joe Gordon, and other Yankees second basemen? Yes, absolutely. Randolph did not have the best numbers but he did spend 13 of his 18 years with the Yankees including three co-captain years with Ron Guidry from 1986-1988. Randolph also owns the Yankees record for games played as a second basemen with 1,688 games and finished his career with 271 stolen bases, 1,239 runs scored, 2,210 hits, and was a six time All Star. Randolph drew over 80 walks a whopping seven times in his career, something Robinson Cano will probably never do, and never committed in an error in 46 post season games for his career. Randolph also won four World Series titles with the Yankees as a coach that many people do not remember. He may not have the stats as some of the others but he certainly deserved to be on this list.

The catching position was obviously a toss up so between the starting catcher and the bench I decided to include three catchers and I still feel like I am omitting someone. Yogi Berra starts for me, his 10 World Series rings says so. Jorge Posada I felt compelled to include because I watched him growing up and saw him win four World Series rings, although was a major contributor in three of them. Even with Bill Dickey being added as a bench option I still could have included Elston Howard and Thurmon Munson making this possibly the hardest position to choose from.


  1. you know who was Posadas best man at his wedding?

  2. Sanderson you know how he got that name?

    1. His fathers name is Sanderson. Sanderson Charles jeter is memory serves.

  3. he was named after a hockey player Derek Sanderson..... Boston Bruin and NY Ranger from the seventies.


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