Thursday, November 7, 2013

New York Yankees Interested In Ubaldo Jimenez

The latest big name free agent for the New York Yankees to be interested in is Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez. The Indians made Ubaldo a qualifying offer which means we would have to give up a draft pick to acquire the 29 year old right hander. Jimenez is coming off of a strong second half and a 3.30 ERA overall in 2013 in 182.2 IP.

Jimenez's season was definitely a tale of two halves of a season as Ubaldo had a 4.56 ERA and 4.50 FIP in the first half but followed it with a 1.82 ERA and a 2.17 FIP. Jimenez misses a lot of bats, 9.56 K/9 ratio and a 25.0K %, which helps in New York but he is very Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde from start to start. We had enough of that with Phil Hughes this season do we really want that kind of inconsistency again?

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  1. Matt, just for your edification...The question you asked; "Are you losing faith in America’s Democracy?" is wrong, it should read; "Are you losing faith in America’s Republic?"

    Look it up in the dictionary....

    A system of government that operates by rule of law and exists to protect individual rights. The Republic of the United States has a democratically elected representative government, but this does not make it a democracy.

    Key words are "representative government"!

    You do want an A right? Good Luck. Of course if you bring that up and the Prof. is a Liberal...good luck!

  2. Gee, I don't know about this. Jimenez is okay, but do we really want him? I think the Yanks could spend that money better elsewhere.

    1. In the end I think we go towards more certainty and far far away from Jimenez.

  3. A foregone conclusion is the fact that....the Yankees will have no significant draft picks this year.
    With all the names on the radar screen, and most requiring a draft pick, the draft will be a mute point.

    ***QUESTION : If the Yankees sign a number of players, requiring a draft pick.....then who gets the
    number one ? Who gets the 2-3-4 etc picks. Someone will not be happy.

    1. The free agents are ranked so the highest ranking free agent gets the first round pick and so on and so on through all the rounds

  4. Did any of you GPers see the photo of the watch, that JZ gave to Robinson Cano ? Look again.
    The back of the watch, has JZ' real name engraved on it....Shawn Carter.
    Funny, a guy gets a used watch, and its a big deal.

  5. Love being a ....root hog. I've been in other sites dumpsters, rooting. Try these on ....
    Curtis Granderson...expected to reject Yankee qualifying offer.
    Hiroki Kuroda...Yanks think he's going back to Japan, may up offer to entice.
    Ubalo Jimenez...I forget, but last year, early on, YES gave a explanation, for Jimenez' bad start.
    Jimenez came back strong last year. Phil Hughes became an every fifth day nightmare. Awful.


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