Thursday, November 7, 2013

Curtis Granderson Hints At Declining His Qualifying Offer

The Yankees offered Curtis Granderson a one year $14.1 million qualifying offer on Monday and Curtis is hinting at declining this offer. Granderson mentioned in a phone interview that he was weighing all options and mentioned that there were 29 other teams out there and everyone has a shot at competing right now. Is it posturing or is he being sincere? Take it all with a grain of salt this early into free agency. 

If Curtis declines and gets a deal from a team other than the Yankees then New York will get draft pick compensation. If Granderson accepts he is a Yankees player for 2014 with a $14.1 million salary and AAV. I like Granderson but if he accepts then we have no room for a Carlos Beltran so it comes down to who you like more at this point. 

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