Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Boy Red Sox Fans Are Bitter About Jacoby Ellsbury Huh?


  1. HOT POSTS !!
    Seriously, I've met two of these SOX guys. They are the toll collectors, on the Massachusetts Turnpike,
    just as you exit for Cambridge.
    Jonny Gomes ?...the designated f___ker ? Funny stuff.

  2. WINTER MEETINGS...Dec. 9-12...Florida. Lord, I love this time of year.

    Players / teams that have had a wink, and a nod, to sit tight until these meetings....are readying to
    pull the trigger.
    Big name free agents, ie: Beltran, have offers in front of them. But asked to wait a few more days.
    Do the Yankees trade Gardner ? resign Granderson ? package their chips for a pitcher ?
    Who knows. But now is the time. Much activity prior to the meetings, as is now, is unusual.
    Enjoy the show. I will.

  3. I'd be pissed if I was them. But I'm not

    1. I'd be pissed at the local school systems who can't teach the kids how to spell TRAITOR.

  4. JONNY GOMES...on servicing Jacoby Ellsbury's wife :

    I will never be able to look at Jonny Gomes in the same light again.
    On doing my homework....Gome's wife, Kristi, has a mug shot linked to her. Bad checks.
    That being the case....Gomes gets the better of the deal.


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