Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NPB Approves Maximum Bid For Posting System

UPDATE: And just like that the NPD has agreed to the $20 million max big for posted Japanese players. No word on how we will determine a tie though whether it be that Tanaka gets to choose or the team with the worst record gets him. So either the Yankees or the Houston Astros are likely to get Tanaka by this time next week.

The Nippon Professional Baseball league has approved Major League Baseball's idea of putting a maximum bid to acquire players through the posting system. Exactly what the maximum bid will be has not been agreed on yet so the deal is not done but it is much closer now then it was this time last night. Major League Baseball threw out a number of $20 million but the NPB is sort of laughing at the proposal. Yu Darvish garnered over $50 million in his posting most recently and Masahiro Tanaka is expected to go over that so this is one thing they will have to hammer out.

If the maximum posting limit was just $20 million would not every single team in the league take a chance on that? Granted the early speculation would be  that Tanaka would then be able to pick from the pool of teams but if that is the case why even bother posting? Just make all Japanese players a free agent and add $20 million to the contract that does not count against the luxury tax that goes to his Japanese team.

Oh well we will see how it all unfolds hopefully this week when the new system is agreed upon and put into place. Let's get this Tanaka show on the road already.

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