Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tanaka Expected To Be A True Free Agent

As we learned earlier the NPB is going to accept the proposal from Major League Baseball to put in a maximum bid of $20 million for all players posted under the new system. There was speculation on whether the player would get the power to choose who to negotiate with if there were more then one team to go to the maximum or if the team with the worst record from the previous season would get the exclusive rights to negotiate but the power goes to the player under this new system. If all 30 teams bid the $20 million for Tanaka, which I fully expect, then he would essentially be an unrestricted free agent. Tanaka would be allowed to pick from any of the 30 teams to exclusively negotiate with and then go from there. This obviously helps the Yankees as the Yankees brand is pretty huge in Asia, specifically Japan and Korea, so we at least have a fighting shot at Tanaka this winter if he is posted.


  1. Too bad it will cost more against the Luxury Tax, as Tanaka can ask for more in his contract thanks to the lower posting fee.

    But oh well! It's not my money, and the Yankees seemingly have laughed off the austerity budget.


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