Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Carlos Beltran Will Benefit From Yankee Stadium

This week we looked at the fact that Phil Hughes will not benefit whatsoever from his change to Target Field in Minnesota and we also learned that Brian McCann is what he is whether he is in Turner Field in Atlanta or in Yankee Stadium in New York. Today we look at Carlos Beltran who will actually benefit from a change to Yankee Stadium from Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Using for the information
Much like yesterday we see that the dark blue dots are Beltran's home runs that he hit in Busch Stadium and we will see zero change there. The light blue dots are his doubles and as you can see three of his doubles would have been home runs in Yankee Stadium and another two or three have a legit shot at going out since the ball seemingly travels better in New York then in St. Louis. Also three of Beltrans fly outs, the orange dots, go out of Yankee Stadium and another two could go out with the wind and the fans. If anyone will improve and benefit from Yankee Stadium it may just be Carlos Beltran. 

*this was written before we signed Jacoby Ellsbury but since the Yankees still are "interested" in Shin Soo Choo and there is always a Brett Gardner trade possibility I felt compelled to still post this*

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  1. I thought last night, that the line-up would start to get clearer. I even had a Red Bull moment.

    Today the picture is all out of focus. With Cano...maybe ...going to Seattle.
    Now...Kelly Johnson is here.
    Now...Ellsbury is a cripple. He can't play half a season.
    Now...lets trade for Brandon Phillips ( Jesus, no )
    Now...lets trade Gardner for pitching............then we need another outfielder. Beltran in this mix. Maybe, if Gardner is sent packing.
    Now...all of a sudden, we only have two starters. And one was not so good last year.
    Now...Nunez is our third baseman. Watch those throws into the first base stands. Duck, or be killed !!
    Now...A-rod is lurking again. Remember you will have to pay him.
    Now...Butch Wyneger wants to be the bullpen coach.
    * ( who had an affair with Wyneger's wife ? a hot sordid romance ?.......Dave Winfield )
    That all but ended Butch's career as a Yankee, and his marriage....I guess.
    Now...remember Marcus Thames ? The man with the aluminum glove ? Now, he is a Yankee battling coach.

    I could go on for a while on this. That would lead me to jumping from the Brooklyn Bridge.
    My's worse today than yesterday.
    Holes everywhere. That's all I keep hearing. I have turned off talk radio. Fools.
    I should be thankful, it was worse last year.....'the winter of darkness.'
    Perhaps candles are the answer.


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