Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BREAKING: Curtis Granderson Is Returning To New York

Curtis Granderson is coming back to New York for the 2014 season, no not with the Yankees, with the New York Mets. No word on the contract yet but Grandy will be in Mets pinstripes in 2014.

Early details on the contract say it is a three or four year deal worth $15-$17 million annually.

*Maybe my person inside jumped the gun on this a little bit as he was very clear last night the deal was done*


  1. This, if true, sadness me. I enjoyed this man.
    Outside of last years injuries.....he was a horse. A good person. A stand up guy.
    I am sorry to see him go to the Mets. They do not deserve a player like Granderson.
    I wish him well. Sorry to have to turn the page.

  2. You got me really did...even commented to my wife that "I guess i was wrong with my lineup post last night..." yep, you got me...

  3. I bought it too. I don't know how, but I did


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