Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jacoby Ellsbury's Power To Benefit From Yankee Stadium

I have recently fallen in love with's little tool that allows you to look at a certain players home runs, doubles, fly outs, etc in their current home stadium and see how they would translate in a new stadium. Today I looked at how recently signed Jacoby Ellsbury's luck would have been in Yankee Stadium this season rather then Fenway. I ignored his home runs because all of the home runs he hit in Boston would have been out in New York but I focused on his doubles and his fly outs. Let's take a closer look:

The dark blue dots indicate Ellsbury's triples and as you can see two of them would have been easily out of Yankee Stadium. Another one was basically on the warning track and since you cannot factor in the wind, elevation, and all that stuff I have to believe that this double also had at least a shot at leaving Yankee Stadium. The light blue dots indicate Jacoby's doubles and another five of those go out of Yankee Stadium that were contained inside Fenway. Using this logic in a perfect world and in a vacuum Ellsbury hits seven or eight more home runs at home in 2013 if he is playing for the Yankees and not the Red Sox. This of course does not include his road stats. Long story short Ellsbury will benefit from the short porch and Yankee Stadium's dimensions as a whole and that really excites me. 

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