Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yankees Close To Signing Kelly Johnson

Have we seen the end of Robinson Cano in pinstripes? The Yankees are close to a deal with second basemen Kelly Johnson on a one year deal. Johnson's deal is worth a reported $2.75-$3 million for 2014. Johnson makes a lot of sense for the Yankees as he can hit for left handed power and can play second base, third base, and left field in a pinch. I do not think the Yankees will close the door on Cano just yet but everyone of these signing is going to make it less and less likely that Cano is back for 2014.

Not to brag but when I wrote about Imaging the Yankees Worst Case Scenario back earlier this year I did point out that Johnson would be a good fit. Thus cementing the fact even more that Brian Cashman reads my stuff. Hey ninja!

Get Greedy, Get Headley

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