Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jim Johnson, Joe Nathan, & Brian Wilson Off The Board

If the Yankees were interested in a closer this season three of the bigger names on the market came off the board in the last 24 hours. Jim Johnson was traded to the Oakland Athletics to replace Grant Balfour at the back end of their games. Joe Nathan is reportedly going to the Detroit Tigers, that's all that team needed, to replace Joaquin Benoit. Brian Wilson is close to a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers where he rebuilt his market value last season. The reliever market is slowly starting to take shape and the Yankees are missing out on the big names, although I am more then comfortable handing the ball to David Robertson in the 9th inning.


  1. Those guys would have been a luxury... That's for sure.

    1. A luxury sure but the Yankees announced today they would not sign a closer unless they lost out on Cano.

    2. I don't know about signing a closer just because he did a good job somewhere else. Some pitchers can handle the closer roll but, this is NY...following Mo...who is it out there that can handle that pressure?
      Just a thought!


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