Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yankees Interested In Trading For A's Brett Anderson

The Oakland Athletics have announced that they are likely to trade left handed starting pitcher Brett Anderson next week during the GM Winter Meetings. This is coming off of the A's acquiring $10 million + closer Jim Johnson and starter Scott Kazmir earlier in the week and late last week making Anderson expendable.

Let's start with the bad for Anderson, he is not durable. Brett has only pitched in 163 innings over the last three seasons combined and is three seasons removed from a Tommy John surgery. The Tommy John surgery in 2011 made him miss most of the 2012 season but he was great in his return. Another injury had him miss a good chunk of the 2013 season, this time a stress fracture in his foot.

The good news is he is still a young guy, 25 years old but will turn 26 in February, and his stuff is great when healthy. Also the A's are said to be looking for bullpen depth and prospects in return for Anderson which is something we can provide. A deal of Dellin Betances/Preston Claiborne/ Shawn Kelley could be a good start for Anderson.

The Yankees are not without competition as the Mariners, Indians, Twins, and Blue Jays are also said to be interested in the left hander. The Yankees need to replace three of their starting pitchers with at least two reliable arms and this could be one of them. Anderson is affordable with an $8 million base salary for 2014 and a $12 million club option for the 2015 season. Don't ask me the AAV of the deal because this season and next are both options years from Anderson's original extension of four years and $12.5 million and this is way too confusing for me to figure out but just know that he is affordable, makes us better, makes sense for us, and helps us stay under the $189 million goal.


  1. THIN ICE...SIGN AT YOUR OWN RISK : a tag on to the Bret Anderson pc. ( above )
    I am going to dice, and chop what I dug out of the River Ave site.......
    "It’s hard to overlook a guy who has missed, on average, more than 100 games per season in the last four years. There are players who start out as injury guys who, as they reach physical maturity, just stop getting hurt. Anderson, who turns 26 just before pitchers and catchers report, is entering the prime years of his career. He could be one of those guys.

    Yet even if he is, it might not happen this year. If Anderson continues to get hurt in his age-26 season, but starts staying healthy at age 27, it does little to help the Yankees.

    As it stands, he’s an $8 million lotto ticket, who will cost the Yankees prospects in addition to the cash. While Oakland might be eager to trade him, they’re still not going to take zeroes in return. Anderson could well fit better on a team with more room to experiment...

    Whether the Yankees show interest in Anderson depends on their taste for risk. Obviously they’ll first have to address the tangible holes in their rotation. If the A’s decide to deal Anderson before they do that, the Yankees have no shot. While they don’t have to acquire players in order of need, they certainly want to focus their resources on reliably filling their 400-inning gap. After that, if they have the stomach for the risk, Anderson could be an interesting player to watch. When else does a 26-year-old, left-handed, potential No. 3 starter hit the trade market?

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