Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brian McCann Will Get Zero Help From Yankee Stadium

Yesterday we took a look at Phil Hughes and whether his home run balls would decrease with his switch from Yankee Stadium to Target Field and it was proven that it would not change a bit. Today I wanted to take a look at how recently acquired Brian McCann's stats would look in the new Yankee Stadium and I am afraid to say I see very little to no difference.

Using Katron.org for the information

Using the color coded picture above we see that very little difference would have been made had McCann been hitting in Yankee Stadium in 2013. The dark blue icons are his home runs that were hit in Turner Field last season for the Braves and only one of them would not have gone out of Yankee Stadium. The light blue dots are his doubles and as you can see maybe, since this does not take into account wind, fans, elevations, etc, that two of his doubles may have left Yankee Stadium that did not leave in Atlanta. The orange dots are his fly outs and none of which would have left Yankee Stadium. In conclusion Brian McCann in Yankee Stadium is Brian McCann in Turner Field. The talk of his left handed swing being made for Yankee Stadium may be a little bit overblown huh?

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