Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yankees Sign Jacoby Ellsbury For Seven Year Deal

UPDATE: The deal includes an eight year option year that could boost the deal to a staggering $169 million.

The New York Yankees have broken the bank and signed outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury to a monster deal. Ellsbury signed a deal for seven years and $153 million and will undoubtedly get a no trade clause with the deal. The Yankees are making me truly happy this offseason as we are truly Getting Greedy and signing the best free agents out there. There is absolutely no way, in my opinion, that we now get under the $189 million luxury tax threshold or bring back Cano now but one is really dependent on the other. Either way it looks like a done deal.


  1. 29 years old and a 7 year deal...we have another guy that will get paid for nothing...although he may be able to make a difference for us now. 37 is not that old for an out fielder but he depends on speed a lot and...as with Brett...that is worrisome. Stick him in left or CF and let's get this thing on the road already.
    I would like to have Ells' following Brett any day, nine followed by one is a good combo! Ells' followed by Brett is much better, bunting is in line a few time a week. With the pitches Brett sees every game, let's Ells' get a better read and jump on the pitcher!
    What say, you guys?

  2. I like the deal...he's Damon with a glove!

  3. I think Ellsbury bumps Gardner out of CF and the lead off spot. Gardner hits 9th and plays LF. Soriano plays RF or we Get Greedy, sign someone else, and let Sori DH.

    1. Nay, nay...we have a DH...Jeter, right?
      I think that is it as far as the OF goes. If we still go after Baltran that will make a log jam out there, unless they put Baltran in right field, Sory in left and Ells' in CF. Doing that cuts down on our being able to MAKE runs with Brett and Ells'. We end up being a team of HRs or nothing again.
      I like Brett, Ells' and Baltran in the OF with Sory DHing, as Daniel pointed out! Heck Jeter, Baltran Tex and Sory can DH whenever!!!
      I know it is me, but I like the ability to push a run across when we really need one.

    2. You're not the first one that I left speechless tonight ;)


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