Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cano to the Mariners?

I can't imagine it happening, but Wally Matthews of ESPN New York is saying that the Seattle Mariners are pushing hard for Cano, and they are willing to give the Robbie a contract worth $200 million.

Seattle is desperate for offense, which is understandable, so I don't doubt that they would be players for Cano. But I can't see Robbie, who wants to win, going to a team that's rarely a competitor.

Some fans are already assuming Cano will sign elsewhere, and go on to say the Yankees should have traded him. Sure, they could have gotten a very nice package of players for Robbie, but they still had a good shot at the postseason. Therefore, I wouldn't like seeing them give up 

I'm not as confident as I once was that Cano will finish his career in pinstripes, but him going to another team would still surprise me.

How interesting would things be if Cano did sign elsewhere? That's a lot of money they could spend on other areas.

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