Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Big Papi Seems Ready To Be A Yankee Next Year

David Ortiz arrived at Boston Red Sox camp today and did not mince words, sugar coat, or take his time getting his thoughts out. Ortiz was pissed to say the least and he let it go today. Boston will either do one of two things cave and give him the extension he wants or let him walk, the latter of the two seems more likely to me. We just so happen to have guys like Alfonso Soriano and Derek Jeter coming off the books next season and a little more room for a full time designated hitter, enter Ortiz? One can hope... Here are the quotes from Ortiz at spring camp today via Star Ledger:

 “I don’t even know why they’re bitching about me talking about contracts,” Ortiz said. “Guys putting up my numbers, they’re making $25, $30 million. I’m not asking for that. I’m asking for half of it. And they’re still (complaining) about it? (Expletive) them. I’m tired of hearing them talk (expletive) about me when I talk about my contract. Hey, every time I talk about my contract, I earn it, (expletive). So don’t be giving me that (expletive).”


  1. Sorry I'm late this evening.......I spent much time tonight, studying Derek Jeter at his press conference today.
    We have all seen snippits (sic ?) of his words, over the years. But for the 15 minutes of back, and
    fourth, with the media today...he was superb.
    Humble, honest, truthful, charming, a captain. A NY Yankee captain.
    What a fine man. A treasure. I will embrace his next 162 games.

    Rocket Reed is correct. Jeter is not the best of all time. But in his time, Jeter was special.
    To be missed, but as he said today....we have a season to play.

    1. "Rocket Reed is correct. Jeter is not the best of all time. But in his time, Jeter was special.
      To be missed, but as he said today....we have a season to play".

      I said that? Ok, Jeter is special and will be missed because of the many years of playing SS for the Yankees.
      Foot Note: rate him on his playing between the lines, not on his personality. He is very personable and PC...none of which, is a bad thing. But it has nothing to do as to how well he played the game. In the years he played he showed he was the best SS the Yankees have ever had!

  2. BIG PAPI...a Yankee ?..... No !
    This self centered, egotistical, not charged steroid user....can go to Milwaukee. I was there once.
    Once was enough.
    I filled in the blanks with his old are you, David ? Go back to the Dominican.
    Where locals piss in their drinking water. That's where you will feel appreciated.

    1. Patrick....
      How could you make such a statement as you did in the last line? You do know that is denigrating his whole country...right. Well that should be ok, if any Dominicans go after to Boston...they won't go anywhere near there.

  3. I will correct my grammar.........
    Sorry Rocket, this is how it should have been presented.
    "Rocket Reed is correct. Jeter is not the best of all time." said that. Forget ?
    You are right, there are no Dominicans in Boston.

  4. Now you got it Patrick...LOL
    "Jeter is not the best of all time." I also said "Jeter is one of the best SS the Yankees have ever had"
    To say he is the best of all time...not so!
    Jeter is rated as the #12 SS of all time, Our 3rd baseman is #2 SS of all time.

    Jeter will go into the HoF for being who he is, where he played and how he played! He has worked hard and done things the right way and deserves the HoF. But not as the best of the best.
    I hope to see a great year from Jeter this year, go out on top with another WS ring!

  5. He would give us an immediate presence in the middle of the lineup we have not had in a while...


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