Monday, June 2, 2014

Yankees Blown Out By Mariners in Make-Up Game, 10-2

Coming off yesterday's disastrous loss to the Twins, the Yankees looked deflated.

The Bombers, now 29-27 on the season, had led going into the ninth inning, yet lost due to a bullpen meltdown.

Going into tonight's make-up game against the Mariners, it's safe to say that they weren't expected to win, although you gotta think nobody predicted this, as the AL's richest team was blown out by Seattle's weak offense, 10-2.

Considering that Felix Hernandez (Win; 7 IP, 2 ER) was starting for the M's, I guess you could say a loss would be tolerable, but this just was too bad, as the Bombers' pitching staff surrendered four runs in both the seventh and the ninth to break a 2-2 tie.

Overall, New York's David Phelps was good in his outing tonight, giving up just 2 runs threw his first six frames, but in the top of the seventh the youngster snapped.

In that AB, Phelps loaded the bases with nobody out, before leaving a ball over the plate that Mariners' number nine hitter Brad Miller lined to center for a go-ahead 2-run single.

Immediately following that play, Phelps (1-3) was relieved by Matt Thornton, who allowed the other two runners to score to bring #41's final line to a tough, 6 earned runs in 6+ innings. 

Now while that was bad, it should be acknowledged that the Yankees probably didn't deserve to be tied in the first place, as the Pinstripes had originally trailed 2-0 due to a pair of triples-turned-runs from Seattle 3B Kyle Seager.

Despite that, the Bombers had rallied to even it up in the bottom of the fourth, when Ichiro Suzuki knocked in a pair with a pitcher-deflected 2-run single.

On that play, the earlier-mentioned Brad Miller should've been able to field the ball to keep the second runner from scoring, but since the official scorer didn't think so Ichiro was in fact credited with 2 RBIs.


  1. Am I the only one getting tired of watching Soriano hopelessly flail at pitches, Thornton continue to let inherited runners score, and Johnson make errors at firstbase? We have better options. Almonte could platoon with Soriano. Daniel made a great point about bringing up Roller. And at this point, I would rather take my chances with Cabal or Bleich over Thornton.

  2. I just want Morales signed. He'd be a better DH

  3. Soriano's bat looks really slow right now, I didn't notice it until Ken Reed pointed it out. He swings like an 85 lb bat.

    Johnson sucks, enter Morales.
    Thornton sucks, enter Banuelos.

    1. Logical, the only thing is...are they logical?


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