Monday, June 2, 2014

Injury Updates: Kelly, Beltran, CC, Teixeira, Cervelli

Nothing new on the Mark Teixeira front, the big test will be tomorrow when they check on how much good the cortisone shot did. The cortisone shot, which contains "legal" steroids FYI, did wonders for Carlos Beltran so there is always some hope.

Speaking of Beltran he played in an extended spring training game and went 0-3 with no pain in his elbow as the DH. Beltran is expected to play in two more extended spring training games and will join the Yankees when they travel to Kansas City this weekend.

The catcher in that game today was Francisco Cervelli, remember him? Cervelli caught three innings and went 1-2 at the plate. Apparently this was Cervelli's third extended spring training game, thanks for the updates Yankees.

Shawn Kelley plans to throw a simulated game on Wednesday as he inches back to the Bronx. Kelley will go on a minor league rehab assignment if he comes through that pain free.

CC Sabathia is alive and plans to play catch sometime next week after receiving a stem cell injection in his degenerative knee. CC hasn't done much but walk on a treadmill and throw batting practice to his son since the injury.


  1. GOOD LORD !...Don't look now, but another Gravatar is coming from Ken Reed.
    Does this never end ?
    My guess......the dog wearing the hat again. Maybe wearing a scarf, also.
    Who is this Roller guy ? How did I miss him ?.....never heard of him.

    1. Roller is pretty old for a prospects, which is why he gets overlooked a lot. He is only 26 though so that sounds about right for the Yankees to call up a guy.

    2. The damn thing keeps getting lost, for some ungodly reason! &%#(@#$%.

    3. Are you hotlinking it? Or uploading it?

    4. Uploading! What is hotlinking?
      Those a-sholes made me give up my PC for this Mac, and at my young ain't a pretty sight to see me get upset from frustration. I have a very well trained vocabulary I must say! LOL

  2. David Robertson, and being double teamed.
    Broadsided again for bringing up Grant Balfour. I can handle it.
    But, as I can see clearly now.....David Robertson is morphing into the next Kyle Farnsworth.

    1. Robertson = Farnsworth?

      My friend, I deeply care for you but I think you may have finally lost it.

    2. STOP ! ....I said Robertson is breaking out of his cocoon, and will reappear as
      Kyle Farnsworth, in the very near future. As in, morphing.
      It's plain as day to me. Fansworth may turn out to be the better pitcher.


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