Monday, June 2, 2014

I've Asked For Kendrys Morales Since January 2012

I posted THIS article in January of 2012 asking for the Yankees to go ahead and get Kendrys Morales.

Then I posted THIS article in July of 2013 asking once again for Morales.

Finally I posted THIS article in January of 2014 once again asking for Morales.

Mark Teixeira is missing time for the second time this week and third or fourth time this season due to soreness and pain in his surgically repaired wrist. Carlos Beltran is ailing, although attempting a comeback, with a bone spur in his elbow.

The Yankees backup option for Teixeira has been everyone from Beltran, Brendan Ryan, Brian McCann, and Kelly Johnson to name a few(yes I realize none of them are traditional first basemen).  The Yankees have plugged in Alfonso Soriano into right field and have left a hole in the DH spot, which is important with the team scuffling offensively and struggling to score runs.

Want to kill two birds with one check? Sign Morales, for real this time.

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