Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Brian McCann Is Everything We Signed Him To Be

Brian McCann had a rough start to his Yankee tenure and 2014 season but has turned it on recently, a sight for sore eyes in New York. Even with his turnaround fans continue to bash and question McCann and his abilities to hit in the Bronx. I disagree and I am personally not worried whatsoever about McCann because he is exactly what we thought we were getting when we acquired him.

I am basing this whole post on the learning curve of New York and a bit of a bounce back season in 2015, specifically in the power department. Not everyone is made for New York and not everyone can jump onto the big stage and shine. Jason Giambi couldn't do it right away and he had the help of steroids so we shouldn't expect McCann to do it either. Looking at the stats supports my claims that McCann has been as advertised this season to a certain extent.

Looking at McCann's 2013 season he hit .256 with 20 home runs and 57 RBI for the Atlanta Braves. McCann had an on base percentage of .336 and a slugging percentage of .461 to go with it. McCann has been praised for his defensive abilities and made four errors while putting up a 24% caught stealing percentage.

In 2014 McCann has only hit .240, although he was recently as high as .244, with 11 home runs and 45 RBI. While McCann's slugging and on base percentages are down McCann has hit .300/.328/.383 since July 8th and looks to finally be comfortable at the plate and in New York. McCann also only has one error this season and has seen his caught stealing percentage rise to a very respectable 44%.

McCann will be fine we as Yankee fans just need to remember what McCann was when we acquired him this winter and what the Yankees lineup around him has done. If the Yankees have runners on in front of him then the shift is not used nearly as much. If the Yankees have hitters hitting well behind him then he gets more pitches to hit. McCann is not a .300 guy anymore and not a 30 home run guy anymore but he is still stellar behind the plate both in controlling the staff and the running game and can be a great Yankee if we just give him the chance to be.

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