Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trading Deadline Fact or Fiction: Yankees Edition

Will the Yankees acquire Troy Tulowitzki or any other big name?

I believe this is fiction. The Yankees haven’t traded away any top talent in three years now and the Jesus Montero for Michael Pineda trade made too much sense not to make. Montero was left without a true position and was battling character issues and questions before the trade. Win, lose, or draw that was a good trade at the time for the Yankees. I cannot see the Yankees parting with Luis Severino, Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge, Ian Clarkin, Eric Jagielo, Robert Refsnyder, etc.

Will the Yankees stand pat? Are they done?

Fiction: No I don’t think so. I can see another marginal upgrade in the outfield or on the bench. I don’t believe New York is sold on Zoilo Almonte and honestly they probably shouldn’t be. I can see a Justin Ruggiano or a Alex Rios type player come in and platoon with Ichiro Suzuki. The Yankees may get someone who has experience at first base just in case but that even seems unlikely at this point. I think the Yankees are done on the pitching side unfortunately and will hope and pray that Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda come back strong and healthy.

Is Brian Cashman in danger of losing his job?

Fiction: Honestly, no. After catching lightning in a bottle with Brandon McCarthy, Chris Capuano, and Chase Headley specifically I think in the very least he bought himself some time. While I am not entirely sold on the fact that he will be the Yankees general manager in 2015 I don’t believe he will be fired. He may decide to not even come back after losing the control he fought so long to get from the Steinbrenner family.

Can this Yankee team win the World Series?

Fiction: As it’s currently constructed, no. There are too many holes in the lineup and too many “automatic outs” in Brian Roberts, Ichiro Suzuki, at times Brian McCann, etc. The defense is atrocious, especially in the infield, and the pitching is average at best. Who matches up Game One in a postseason series? Right now it’s the guy who has burned out and fizzled due to fatigue in August and September the last two plus seasons in Hiroki Kuroda. Then who, Brandon McCarthy? Shane Greene? We may get to the post season in a mediocre league but I couldn’t see New York going far. I’m not entirely banking on the return of Pineda and Tanaka personally which may be shading my judgment a tad.

Will we do another post like this?

Fact: I liked this, this was fun. Send in your questions to us by shooting us an email at thegreedypinstripes at gmail or tweet us @GreedyStripes. Maybe your tweet or email can end up on the blog. 

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