Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quick Hit: Counting Down To The Trade Deadline

Tomorrow is the day that the 2014 season is made or broken for the New York Yankees. Sure you can make trades in August with players clearing waivers and you can even acquire players in September (while having to leave them off your postseason roster) but tomorrow is the day. At 4:00 pm ET the trading deadline officially comes to an end and it’s time for every team to put up or shut up.

Will Brian Cashman acquire the big piece in Troy Tulowitzki or shock the world and pull off another big trade? Or will he marginally upgrade the team and hope the likes of Chris Capuano, Brandon McCarthy, and Chase Headley are enough to bring New York to the Promised Land?

Will the Yankees bank on the return and health of Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda or will the team acquire another piece? Will the Yankees continue to trot out Ichiro Suzuki and Brian Roberts on a daily basis even though they are so obviously over-matched right now?

So many questions, the good news is in 33 short hours most of them will be answered. Stay tuned.

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