Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trade Deadline 2014: Yankees Hot Stove Rumors 7/30

Just a quick catch me up for you guys:

The Phillies asked the Yankees for their top three prospects for Cole Hamels. I'm not sure I could swallow Luis Severino, Gary Sanchez, and Aaron Judge for Hamels but Hamels does bring a lot himself. I'm torn.

The Yankees are interested in the Rockies pitcher Brett Anderson. This is interesting because the Rockies are interested in Francisco Cervelli. Match made in Coors Field?

The Yankees are talking to the Padres about Ian Kennedy and Joaquin Benoit but nothing is serious at this point.

Starting pitching just got majorly expensive as Justin Masterson and a 5.51 ERA for a rental on the disabled list just fetched the Cardinals top outfield prospect.


  1. Okay, Sanchez does not bother me too much. We're fully stocked at decent catching for at least the next 5 years. Severing is a promising young arm, but so was Arodys Visciano. Judge is the one I'd hate to lose. But we do NEED a front line pitcher and Hamels fits that bill.

  2. I think I would end up pulling the trigger as well but I'm with you, for Hamels who is barely 30 years old and left handed, you have to give up a 2013 draft pick in Judge and go for the gold here.


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