Monday, November 10, 2014

Rumor: Yankees "Intrigued" By Rangers SS Andrus

The Yankees are "at least intrigued" by Rangers SS Elvis Andrus, The New York Post's Joel Sherman reports. 

Andrus, who has played for Texas since his rookie year of 2009, is a .272 career hitter. He was an integral part of the the teams who took home AL pennants in 2010 and 2011, and has appeared in two All-Star games. 

However, he does have some negatives.

From Sherman's article:

"Andrus’ eight-year, $120 million extension does not even begin until next season and runs through at least 2022. Texas would love to unload that deal as it searches this market for starting pitching. The Rangers can go inexpensive in the middle infield with some combination of Rougned Odor, Jurickson Profar and Luis Sardinas. However, they would be more comfortable doing that if they knew for sure Profar was going to be healthy moving forward after missing all of 2014 after tearing (then re-tearing) a muscle in his shoulder."

Indeed, Andrus will cost the Yankees a good amount of money. According to Sherman, he also showed up to spring training overweight this year, something that may have factored into his being caught steeling 15 times (most in the league) over the course of the schedule.

So yes, in some ways, it certainly seems that Andrus isn't someone worth acquring. Nonetheless, since he's still a relatively young 27 and probably a better offensive contributor than Stephen Drew, it's still a possibility that the Yankees' will make a run at him this winter, as expensive as he is.

What do you guys think?


  1. With that many years remaining on the contract, the Rangers would have to eat a lot of the money owed.

    While I believe he's worth more than the $7.1 million Fangraphs had him at for 2014, I don't think it's that much more. At least not the $15 million that his extension would be worth per season. Knock that down to $12 million per season, meaning the Rangers would have to kick in $24 million in the deal, then we can talk.

    Even then, the Rangers shouldn't expect more than a couple solid prospects. Meaning Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, and Aaron Judge are off the table. At the same time if the Rangers would want Ian Clarkin, Eric Jagielo, or Greg Bird they'd have to kick in more money.

  2. I'd trade Gary Sanchez and Eric Jagielo all day long for Andrus. I'd like to hold on to Clarkin, Severino, and Judge if we could. Bird'd back scares me so in the right deal i wouldn't be terribly upset. Andrus is not the right deal.

    1. I could see Jagielo, but Sanchez? Really? For Andrus?

    2. Sanchez is not the best catcher on the 40 man roster let alone in the system. Hell yeah I'd trade Sanchez for Andrus and twice on Sunday.

  3. This all reminds me of some comments made by fans on the yahoo sports comment pages last week (I think).
    They were trying to say; Bird would be a very good trading chip because we have Aaron Judge at 6' 7" to play 1st base...! LOL
    I mentioned, not everyone can play 1st base and for some reason only an idiot could understand, they (many) said "all they have to do is catch the ball, it's the easiest position to play".
    Of course, stupid me told them that is untrue for many reasons. I went on to enumerate some of them but,
    they thought I was nuts...they may be right about that part, it has been brought up many times in my work!

    1. You have to avoid the Yahoo's, the ESPN's, etc. They are generally un-moderated and littered with fools (either trolling or who are really that dumb).

    2. It is fun to have them come up with stupid remarks or half truths! But in the long run, it is a waste of time, is it not? LOL

    3. I still frequent a sports forum or two for that same reason. Plus their idiocy gives me ideas for blogs sometimes.


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