Monday, November 10, 2014

David Robertson Declines Qualifying Offer

As expected David Robertson has declined his one year deal qualifying offer worth $15.3 million in lieu of a multi-year contract. If Robertson signs somewhere other than New York the Yankees will get a supplemental draft pick in return. If Robertson decides to come back to New York then the Yankees will get nothing obviously. I believe this is procedural more than anything as Robertson wants the security of a longer termed deal and if anyone deserves it, in my opinion, he does.


    Today I can walk in three directions. So lets see how it goes.

    DAVID ROBINSON : I do not see him signing back with the Yankees. Just a gut feeling.
    I see him being overwhelmed, money wise, by a team like the Tigers, Giants etc.
    The Yankees get back a first round pick. And with the monies saved, they use the pick,
    and cash, for Hanley Ramirez. ( offense )
    And go on to sign a reliever....hopefully Miller, from Baltimore.

    MICHAEL CUDDYER : Would have been a great sign for the Yankees ( offense )...but will
    wither on the vine for the Mets, and die there. He may even jump into the East River.
    Cuddyer who is 35ish, and had approx 300 AB last season...for him they give up the 15th
    pick in the draft. Fools.

    KENNETH REED : Ken says someone at a Yahoo site said he was nuts ! ....How unusual.

    1. Well, they were right, many have said I was lucky! Some have called me a Hard Ass! And many nicer words that are unprintable!
      I always said, "You shouldn't have opened the Kitchen Door"!

  2. VETERANS DAY...Very special to me.
    I salute Ken Reed, and all those that he and I have known....that are not here today.
    Their sacrifice should never be forgotten.

  3. Michael Cuddyer was a great sign for the Yankees until he received a qualifying offer. No (sane) team should give up a draft pick for Cuddyer. I would understand if the Mets pick were protected in the Top 11 but it wasn't. Another dumb move for a dumb franchise.

    And yes, Happy Veterans Day to all. Thank you for your and your families service and your work. Thank you Mr. Reed.

  4. Thank you both! As the last man standing...from "Back in the Day"...they "Done, done good" and are remembered every day!


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