Monday, November 10, 2014

Ichiro Plans To Play in 2015

Ichiro Suzuki is about to turn 41 years old but left no doubt about his plans for the 2015 season, Suzuki plans to continue his quest for 3,000 hits next year. It seems highly unlikely that Ichiro will be wearing a New York Yankee uniform after the team signed Chris Young to a one year deal meaning Suzuki will likely test the free agent market for the first time in his career. Ichiro has been a free agent before but never fielded offers from other teams and always returned to either the Yankees or Mariners if he did not sign an extension before hitting the market.

Earlier in the offseason I personally predicted that if the New York Yankees did not sign Ichiro for 2015 that the New York Mets would and I still hold true to that prediction. Ichiro hit .284/.324/.340 last season for the Yankees after starting the season as the fifth outfielder and finishing basically as the every day right fielder for the team. Ichiro hit one home run last season but played stellar defense at all three outfield positions, can still bust it down the line for infield hits, and can steal a base or two over the course of a season.

Nobody knows where Ichiro will land in 2015 but I know one thing, someone will hand this guy a contract. He is in too good of shape, he adds too much to a young team, and he loves the game too much to be done at age 41. Look out for Ichiro in 2015.


  1. Nothing to do with this post except for the fact that Ichiro soaked his playing time. But goodbye goes to Zolio Almonte. Now a member of the Atlanta Braves on a major league deal. Have fun watching him Daniel.

    1. Him and Ramiro Pena both (which he may be a free agent this season, can't remember).


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