Monday, November 10, 2014

A Hat Tip to Buck Showalter

As we saw this morning in the TGP Daily Poll the American League and National League Managers of the Year Awards will be handed out today by the BBWAA. The finalists for the American League are Buck Showalter from the Orioles, Mike Scioscia for the Angels, and Ned Yost from the Royals. In the National League Bruce Bochy from the Giants, Clint Hurdle from the Pirates, and Matt Williams from the Nationals are up for the award. Good luck to all six of these men tonight as all of them are definitely deserving of the award.

If Showalter wanted something to feel confident about going into tonight he can remember back on this day in 2004 when Buck won his second AL Manager of the Year Award. Showalter managed the Texas Rangers to a 89-73 record which was an 18 game improvement over the previous season. The first time Buck won the award was with the New York Yankees in the strike shortened 1994 season.

I think Buck wins his third Manager of the Year Award tonight with the Orioles as much as that pains me to admit. Good luck Buck and thank the writers that they don't take douchiness into account.

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