Monday, August 3, 2015

New York Yankees Off Night Open Thread

The New York Yankees are off today and presumably spent the day traveling from Chicago back home to the Bronx, New York. The Yankees have a big homestand ahead of them as they play host to the Boston Red Sox for three games before playing host to the Toronto Blue Jays for three more games in the Bronx. On Wednesday we will all be watching as Luis Severino makes his Major League debut against Boston and this weekend we'll all watch David Price and Troy Tulowitzki make their way to the stadium for the first time in their new uniforms. It's going to be a crazy week, my son starts Kindergarten on Wednesday and I'm a nervous wreck so I'm going to sleep while I can.

I leave you tonight with this open thread for the night and a musical recommendation out of my own personal collection. The name of the song is "Sentry the Defiant" by Coheed and Cambria. Enjoy.


  1. I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THIS...but my contract with Greedy Pinstripes gives me an out.

    Tonight / Monday over at River Ave Blues...they have a terrific 3 1/2 minute video, with music.
    I'm sure it's from this past ten game road trip. Great clips, and the music is not bad.
    Scroll down one, or two postings, to...'Monday Night Open Thread', and click on.

  2. HANS THE ENTERTAINER....says I drink Cool Aid ! How dumb.

    Because I don't fall into line with his irrational thoughts, I must be drinking
    poison lased Cool Aid ? This is not 'Jones Town' !

    Hans, reach into that ice chest, and please hand me a Coors Light.

    1. Actually FF Patty, Kool Aid is too strong for you. Has Eovaldi pitched better than I thought....yes and no. Did I think he would have double digit wins the answer is no. Did I believe he would give up a great deal of hits and have a high era the answer is yes. The guy is a 5 inning pitcher and apparently he too has pictures of you too with farm animals as you think this guy is a stud. The only pitcher he is better than in the rotation is CC and you with your Ragidity arm is better then CC. Get off the Kool Aid and drink Fireball it might put some hair on your Liitle Nuts

    2. SPELL CHECK...for HANZEL :
      What is...FF patty ?
      Why is 'Liitle Nuts' spelled wrong, and capitalized ?
      You drink Fireball, it looks like the drink of choice for ex-slaves.

      Also enough with Eovaldi, the winningest pitcher in the rotation.

      After reading the below, one may need a qt. of Fireball.

      "Since the disaster start in Miami, Nathan Eovaldi has been the most reliable pitcher in New York’s rotation, pitching to a 3.07 ERA (2.84 FIP) in seven starts and 41 innings. No, he doesn’t pitch deep into games at all, but on a rate basis Eovaldi has been pretty good. He has a 4.02 ERA (2.96 FIP) in his last 13 starts including the Miami disaster."

    4. FF is Flip Flopper and I'll make sure my words are all spelled correct Grammer Nazi

    5. Hansel...time to drift away from you, for awhile.

      Nazi.....Never liked the misuse of that word. The generation before me, counted
      their dead, and tried to move foreward. Some could not, and fell to the wayside.

      I'm sure you meant no harm, but to me its the same as a 'grammer nigga', in this
      upside down world we live in.
      Maybe instead of ranting at players that are improving, you should do an
      upbeat post on....Shane Greene.

    6. Wow Little P you claim I run away when attacked. . Make sure your skirt doesn't get caught in the door on your way out. You dish it out but apparently can't take it. I have now seen your true colors and just FYI my religion was murdered to the tune of 6 million so when I use the word it was not in the terms you're applying it to. And just another fyi I'm not ok with any of the N words as I have numerous African American friends. As I've told others you, don't like what I say or stand for then don't answer. I don't answer a few people on here for that reason alone. At least I know I'm no FF and I'm ok with that. Hopefully my spelling is up to your terms. Wait don't reply to that I may have offended you. Lol you truly are a piece of work

    7. HANS...maybe you are a bit nuts, like me.
      Check your intake of Fireball, 'cause I never said " you run, when attached."

      The Nazi thing, and rap fault. Should have deleted.
      I ask that we turn the page.

      My skirt, my true colors, and my ability to not take what you dish blather.
      You may be too over inflated.
      Spell as you wish. When you are grammatically correct, you feel better.
      Sort of like when that special guy, asked you to your prom, and you said yes !

      Once more....what does FF stand for ? Is it the gay word meaning ?
      Make sure your skirt doesn't get caught in the door, of a lower Manhattan saloon.

  3. IF SEVERINO going to be some sort of savior, then they will need just a bit more.

    I get very nervous when I see the starting pitching starting to wilt, in the early
    August heat..If Severino can not cut the cheese on Wednesday, followed by Sabathia..
    ....then maybe the candles should be brought out.

    Imagine....Danny Burawa, is now being stretched out to be a starter. God bless him.
    He had his dad drive all the way in, from Riverhead, NY....only to be pounded, in his
    first major league game. He was sent down the next day.
    Long drive back, along with the Sunday night traffic.

    1. If you can get Tanaka back on track, Pineda healthy and fresh, Severino dominating hitters at a young age and Eovaldi pitching the fourth game of a playoff series that is scary.... very scary...

    2. Burch are you drinking what the Little Nut Boy is drinking? I know you said if. If FF Patty had hair on his nuts they would still be small.

    3. Tanaka on track is an ace, he hasn't been that for a while this season.

      A fresh and healthy Pineda struck out 16 Baltimore Orioles in a game.

      I said if Severino took the league by storm and pitched like his 7-0 record in AAA. That's a great young fire throwing arm that many teams don't have a scouting report on.

      Evo as a fourth starter could go for or five innings and be fine. There are plenty of days off to rest that bullpen and win games.

      Lot of ifs, that's all we can do in august

  4. Burch you nailed it. A lot of big If's. You give more credit to our staff than I do. This will be the tell tale sign on whether they win the division or not. There is not one pitcher that you can bank in between CC or Nova or Water Pistol I hope I didn't offered you on him? Tanaka or whoever is pitching from triple A. I still feel Tanaka is thinking about his arm evey start and just doesn't let it rip.

    1. What team doesn't have "if's" though, you know? There are no super teams anymore with the second Wild Card added, those days are gone.

  5. All is Forgotten Little P. I just want to deal with people that are standup guys that when wrong admit it. I still don't like the water pistol, however I gave him his due about his Friday night performance. I might not be able to compete on the National Spelling Bee competition and rely on spell check too much and I might not be grammatically correct all the time like a poet laureate, but might points in my opinion are right more than not. Onto the next battle Little P, all is well!!

  6. KEN HANS....I don't know how we ended up going down that road, but with patrick, all
    is forgotten also. My spelling is nothing to write home about also...spell-check saves me.
    I'm ready to battle stupidity as well.

  7. I look firward to the back and forth with you Mulch

  8. next time you guys kiss and make up please use less tongue, my wife saw it and now you're making me look bad.


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