Saturday, August 22, 2015

Quiz: Baseball Stadium on Your Bucket List?

While rummaging through my bookmarks I had set aside to read this week I found an interesting quiz on Fox Sports that I thought I would share tonight. The basic premise of the quiz is to determine which stadium you should go to assuming that you cannot see all 30 stadiums in the league right now. When I took the quiz, SEEN HERE, the stadium I should add to my bucket list was Dodger Stadium.

Is there anything better than perfect weather, palm trees and baseball? Apparently for you, absolutely not. Massive Dodger Stadium is nestled in Chavez Ravine, providing a picturesque backdrop and a fun-for-all environment for your bucket list stadium trip.

Just in case anyone was wondering I haven't actually seen that many stadiums in my lifetime, not nearly enough. I have been to the old Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, Tropicana Field, Turner Field and Fulton County Stadium. What are yours? Leave them below in the comments section or leave them for us on Twitter by tweeting @GREEDYSTRIPES.

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