Tuesday, September 27, 2016

REMINDER: Two Days Left Until We Moon Big Papi

This is not a joke, nor is this a drill. There is an organization out there trying to get as many people as possible to moon Big Papi during his final game inside Yankee Stadium. What are they going to do? Kick out and lock up 40,000 people for showing their butt to a baseball player? I would hope not anyway.

Head over to MoonBigPapi.com and check out what they have planned. If you’re going to the stadium Thursday night at least consider it, there is no bigger sign of respect for a player that killed the team we love for so many years than to show him our butt’s while he rides off into the sunset.

This is just a reminder. T-minus two days until we moon Big Papi. Be there!


  1. Guys, while we appreciate the plug, the correct link is www.MoonBigPapi.com, not dot org.


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