Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thinking About 2015: The Conclusion, I’m Greedy

For the past few days I have been thinking about the 2015 season and the team the New York Yankees will put out on the field and I have come to the conclusion that I am absolutely greedy. I haven’t lived up to the Greedy Pinstripes moniker as much in recent years as I did before the 2009 season when this blog was unofficially formed. This season I decided I have gone all out when I started constructing this All Star roster. If you remember correctly I added James Shields to the starting rotation, Nelson Cruz to a rotational DH spot, Asdrubal Cabrera to the shortstop position, and Grady Sizemore to the outfield rotation as well and I think I may have too many good players and not enough spots to give everyone playing time without gutting the roster.

Using the players added above the roster would look something like this:

SP1: CC Sabathia
SP2: Masahiro Tanaka
SP3: Michael Pineda
SP4: James Shields
SP5: Shane Greene
SP6: David Phelps
SP7: Ivan Nova

CL: David Robertson
SU: Dellin Betances
MR: Adam Warren
MR: Shawn Kelley
LR: Chase Whitley
LOOGY: Jacob Lindgren
LR: Manny Banuelos

C: Brian McCann
1B: Mark Teixiera
2B: Robert Refsnyder
SS: Asdrubal Cabrera
3B: Chase Headley

OF: Brett Gardner
OF: Jacoby Ellsbury
OF: Carlos Beltran

BN: Grady Sizemore
BN: Brendan Ryan
BN: Martin Prado
BN: Francisco Cervelli

BN/DH: Alex Rodriguez
BN/DH: Nelson Cruz

Obviously one or two of the pitchers would need to go, and that is before you consider Bryan Mitchell and others for a spot. We also have far too many options with the bats but hey, those problems are for the GM and the manager to figure out. Just bring me the best players to do the job and get me to the Promised Land. Get Greedy, get them all. 


  1. VERY NICE 25 MAN can happen.

    Heading to one of Long Island's most magical beaches.....tomorrow, Sunday.
    Miles of white pure sand, and the girls that frolic there.

    Prove me wrong Yankees, and go on a roll.

    1. If they win again today you're not allowed to stay home during a game for the rest of the season. Get extra sunscreen.

  2. I GUESS I'M BACK....I must have walked 12 miles today on the greatest stretch of beach
    on my island...Long Island. Only to find out that the team had no offense today ( surprise !! )
    and they lost 2-0.
    I stand by my 12 & 18 during the last 30 games. Just common sense.

    Since they lost, I am now told I can stay home on beach days that will be getting colder, and
    harder to find. Thanks.
    Sunscreen....not in my vocabulary.

  3. KEN ROCKET REED...aka : Spammer / From Hells Kitchen / Officer Reed...etc.

    Kenneth, please get back in the flow. This stuff.." Tampa/YanksGame 1- win 2 pointsGame 2 -...."
    means nothing to patrick, And, please don't explain.

    People follow you, they like you. ( probably mental institution patients )

    Post as you do are needed.

    1. You have got to be kidding!
      Besides, I have been real busy. Work, work and more the yard!

  4. Glad to have you back patrick, maybe you were the good luck charm and we were fools for sending you away into a beach exile.

  5. GOOD LUCK CHARM ?....Jesus, that's not me. Never been called that before.
    Just glad to be able to return from exile.
    Stranger things have happened over the remaining games. Let's go for it, hard.

    1. Weirder things have happened patrick. let's fuck up these Rays this series and put some confidence into this team, and I don't curse often on here.

  6. KEN REED....every young girls day dream.
    This squad is ready for some sort of sprint to the finish. Are you ? We need you.

    1. Hopefully, I am done giving speeches for the guys that have gone on before me! Three of them in two sucks! East coast, west coast and Texas.


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