Monday, October 22, 2012

Projected 2013 Roster and Payroll

Before started my series of posts about the offseason decisions facing the Yankees, I thought I'd take a look at the current roster and payroll for 2013. Since it was reported that Rafael Soriano is going to opt-out, I went ahead and left him off the roster for next season. And as I always do, I'm looking at each player's salary in terms of the Luxury Tax, meaning the numbers represent the Average Annual Value of the contracts.

Players under contract for 2013

Alex Rodriguez - $27.5 million
Mark Teixeira - $22.5 million
CC Sabathia - $24.4 million
Derek Jeter - $17 million
Robinson Cano (club option) - $7.5 million
Curtis Granderson (club option) - $6.875 million
Phil Hughes - (arbitration 3) $6 million, raise of $2.8m
Brett Gardner - (arbitration 2) $4 million, raise of $1.2m
Boone Logan - (arbitration 3) $3 million, raise of $1.125m
Joba Chamberlain - (arbitration 3) $3 million, raise of $1.325m
David Robertson - (arbitration 2) $3 million, raise of $1.4m
Francisco Cervelli - (arbitration 1) $1 million, raise of $.4863m
Ramiro Pena - (arbitration 1) $1.5 million, raise of $.9964m
Michael Pineda - (pre-arbitration) $1 million
Ivan Nova - (pre-arbitration) $1 million
Clay Rapada - (pre-arbitration) $1 million
Eduardo Nunez - (pre-arbitration) $1 million
Chris Stewart - (pre-arbitration) $1 million
David Phelps - (pre-arbitration) $1 million

The arbitration, and pre-arbitration, numbers are a guess on my part. However, I wanted to add something there, rather than leave it empty.

Total $133.275 million

Next, I wanted to point out what players will be free agents this offseason.

Key Free Agents

Mariano Rivera
Hiroki Kuroda
Rafael Soriano
Nick Swisher
Russell Martin
Freddy Garcia
Andy Pettitte
Andruw Jones
Raul Ibanez
Eric Chavez
Pedro Feliciano
Derek Lowe

So, position-wise, what are we looking at?

C -
1B - Teixeira
2B - Cano
3B - Rodriguez
SS - Jeter
LF - Gardner
CF - Granderson
RF -
DH -

SP1 - Sabathia
SP2 -
SP3 - Hughes
SP4 - Pineda
SP5 - Nova (possibly Pettitte at SP3, which would move Hughes and Pineda down a spot in the rotation)

CL -
SU - Robertson
BP - Rapada (L)
BP - Logan (L)
BP - Chamberlain
BP -
BP - Phelps

Bench (middle infielder) - Nunez (R)
Bench (catcher) - Stewart (R)
Bench (corner infielder) - Nix (R)
Bench (outfielder) - Dickerson (L)

I have a feeling the team is going to make an offer to bring back Hiroki Kuroda, or at least I hope the team plans to do that. On top of Kuroda, I could see the team bringing back Andy Pettitte as well, which I'm guessing will knock Ivan Nova out of the starting rotation assuming Michael Pineda is good to return (and I'm one of the more optimistic fans when it comes to Pineda). So if Kuroda and Pettitte return, Nova would take the middle reliever spot.

That would leave the team looking to add a catcher, right fielder, outfielder/designated hitter (preferably a left-handed batter), and a reliever that could possibly close games if/when Mariano Rivera is ready to take over his closing role.

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  1. Well, I didn't get the news of Pineda being out til June until after I wrote this, so some editing needs to be done.

    Not much, but let's just take Pineda off of there and leave it open, with the idea that it could be taken by Pettitte.


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