Thursday, January 24, 2013

The "American Idle" Carl Pavano Strikes Again

I know this is not really Yankees related but when I read this story about the most recent Carl Pavano injury I just could not resist. Carl Pavano was being coveted by teams, including the Colorado Rockies as the front runners and the Mets as another potential suitor, but that interest has subsided after Carl Pavano ruptured his spleen after a fall at his home while he was shoveling snow. Really Carl? You must have the worst luck in the world! It will take Carl six to eight years months weeks to recover according to initial reports. He already missed the last four months of the 2012 season with a shoulder injury and now that he will miss most, if not all, of Spring Training I cannot see him signing any time soon. Best of luck Carl and I really mean that because luck is something you truly need.

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