Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Youkilis MRI Negative, Still Headed to DL

The good news is that the MRI on Kevin Youkilis' back came back negative. The bad news, as Jon Heyman reported, is that the Yankees are still likely to place Youk on the DL.

It's nearly impossible to tell when his back will be good to go, as there is so much that can go wrong in that part of the body. However I can't help but think that somebody with the team made a big mistake putting Kevin into the lineup last Saturday against Toronto. I mean... sure, Youkilis may need the whole 15 days to get better anyway. But if he's ready before that everybody will look back at last Saturday and say "why the hell did they play Youk, when they could have backdated his DL stint a week or so?"

Youkilis did receive a epidural shot to help with any stiffness and/or pain. The Yankees will likely call-up another infielder such as David Adams.

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